the Titanium Robotics Brand

Titanium Robotics is a veteran FIRST Robotics team that strives to educate the next generation of young scientists. They compete in a number of competitions and encourage community members of all genders and ages to be passionate about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.


The Titanium Robotics identity pays homage to the team's past through the use of classic brand elements, such as the the firebird insignia, and creates new opportunities for their future through unification and simplification. It appears clean and sophisticated yet retains a witty and youthful personality. The black and white imagery and splashes of color are fun and inviting yet serious and sleek. It captures the essence of the youthful and motivated students who run the team. The students on the team strengthen and refresh the brand by creating a unique interpretation of the identity from year to year that adapts to the constant replacement of graduating students and the different challenges posed at the beginning of each year.


In addition to the team's logos, I created booklets, brochures, and posters to be used with the team's branding. This included a Press Kit that included a circular team pin, stickers, and a cascading information kit along with recent press releases. As a way of keeping the brand consistent throughout the years, I also created a Brandbook for the team to reference.

Check out the team's Brandbook


The team website was built as a Wordpress theme. It utilizes brand elements and is stylized in a way that makes it stand out from other teams.

Each year, a new robot is built and given a Titanium-related name. A logo for the 2015 robot's name was designed to be used in marketing materials in order to raise visibility and memorability of the team and its robot.

"The Pit"

The booth setup for competitions allows for the large flatscreen to play live feeds of our own matches and loops a slideshow when our robot isn't competing.

 posters for Edible Issues: Nigeria