posters for Edible Issues: Nigeria

Edible Issues is an event hosted by RISD Global Initiative that brings awareness of various events and conflicts happening around the world. For a week, GI infiltrated the Portfolio Café and posted infographics as well as a timeline to raise awareness of Boko Haram and Islamophobia. Throughout the week, Portfolio Café served Nigerian food to go with the theme.

Design work in collaboration with Emma Werowinski


I designed a logo that would be used for all future editions of Edible Issues as well as this year's Nigeria installment.


Half of a series of infographic posters were designed by me and the other half by Emma Werowinski. They were posted on the wall of Portfolio along with a timeline of the development of Boko Haram. They feature facts about Nigeria, Boko Haram, and Islamophobia in the US.


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