a logo for Preserva Wellness

Preserva is a brand that seeks to be a necessary addition to the healthy and wholesome lifestyle of everyone while preserving a tradition of Indian medicinal practices. The logo represents Preserva‚Äôs ideals, rooted in tradition but focused on the modern everyday person. Derived from seven overlapping circles representing the seven main chakras of Ayurvedic tradition, the flower emblem is an organic as well as lively and energetic mark.



A set of patterns was designed to go with the logo on packaging, collateral, etc. in order to create a more energetic brand. Repeating ripples of outlines are used to create texture and depth on printed and online media.

In searching for the perfect bottle design for the modern supplement consumer, there was a focus on targeting active and health conscious young adults. I designed a background pattern of rippling lines that invokes activity and movement and is exciting as well as attractive and eye catching. The bottle wrap is modern and is completely different from typical supplement bottles.

Bottle Concepts

 A Big Announcement Clocks.