A Big Announcement

I designed a zine made to be distributed at a release party and throughout the RISD campus in order to spread the word about upcoming events regarding RISD's MLK Keynote speaker, Emory Douglas, and the events surrounding his visit.

A Small Zine for a BIG Announcement

Before the release party, Global Initiative and The Alliance hinted at a "BIG Announcement," and they didn't disappoint. Global Initiative distributed this zine to advertise their biggest event yet: a campus-wide open call for works on identity and the many intersections of identity throughout the RISD community. Not only is this event a cross-campus and multi-gallery exhibit, but GI also partnered with the RISD MLK Series to bring Emory Douglas, the former Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party, to give a keynote speech for MLK Day 2017 and lead a public critique of selected works from the exhibit. A "BIG Announcement" may have been an understatement because this was HUGE.

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