i'm Nathan, here are some services i offer as a freelancer.

i work with artists, crafts-people, and art organizations to create well-designed, modern, and simple brands and interfaces.



  1. a portfolio with an inventory system as a back-end for myself nathanwong.studio
  2. a custom shopify store, portfolio, and landing page for krista marie young kristamarieyoung.com
  3. a portfolio for stefan sehringer stefansehringer.com
  4. a frame depth calculator web app for ddg frameshop frame-depth.ddgframeshop.com


let's talk more about the services i can provide


I advertise my rates on my site because it makes everything easier for both of us. As a client, you can estimate a budget to see if I fit within your range. As a freelancer, I will provide the best quality of work because the pay will match the quality.

That said, if my base prices are out of your range, but you are still interested in hiring me, I may have some solutions (especially for certain non-profits or educational projects). Feel free to reach out by email with any questions and I'll return your email as soon as I can.

see my rates